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Technical Details

Q: How much does the Rocket eBook™ weigh?
A: The Rocket eBook weighs 22 ounces (627 grams).

Q: How much text can the Rocket eBook store? Is it upgradeable?
A: Fundamentally, the Rocket eBook has 4 megabytes of flash memory, of which the system software fills about 800 kilobytes. Book sizes vary considerably, depending on the length of the book, as well as the number and size of illustrations in the book. "Typical" novels (of the 400-page variety) tend to be around 340 kilobytes in size. The Rocket eBook can hold about ten such novels, or about 4,000 paperback-book pages. The Rocket eBook Pro has 16 megabytes of flash memory. A 32MB option card is available as a factory installed memory upgrade for the Rocket eBook. For more information on the 32MB option card please visit the Rocket eStore.

Q: Can I export published content from the Rocket eBook?
A: No

Q: How much reading time does the battery allow per charge?
A: Depending on use, a fully charged battery provides about 20 hours with the backlight on to 40 hours of operation with the backlight off.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery in the Rocket eBook will last about 5 years with moderate use before it needs replacement. The battery is replaceable without replacing the entire Rocket eBook.

Q: How do I charge the battery? Do I have to carry the Rocket eBook Cradle with me?
A: The Rocket eBook has a built-in charger. It gets power from a wall adapter that may be plugged into the Rocket eBook cradle or directly into the Rocket eBook. When traveling, only the wall adapter is required to re-charge the battery.

Q: Can I recharge the book everywhere? 110 Volts vs. 220 Volts?
A: Yes, the power adapter provided with the Rocket eBook can be used both domestically and abroad with a range of voltage between 100 Volts and 240 Volts AC. For international use, an outlet adapter will be necessary.

Q: What kind of screen does the Rocket eBook use?
A: The Rocket eBook has the best available screen for reading text on a portable device. Its hybrid-technology monochrome display has an exceptionally wide viewing angle, extremely high contrast in all light conditions, a stunning white backlight, and surprisingly low power consumption. It has an active area of approximately 4 1/2" x 3" (11.43 cm x 7.62 cm) with resolution of approximately 106 dots per inch. Its contrast ratio is about 30:1 when backlit, and about 25:1 in full sunlight. Text can be rendered in any one of four 90-degree orientations.

Q: Will the Rocket eBook be available with a color display?
A: Initially the Rocket eBook will be available with a black and white display. Future generations of the Rocket eBook may offer color displays.

Q: What about grayscale?
A: The Rocket eBook display is optimized for reading text. Grayscale text and grayscale images are not currently supported. Future generations of the Rocket eBook may offer grayscale displays.

Q: What type of encryption is used? How does it work?
A: Public/Private key encryption technology is used to insure copyright protection for all purchased titles. Titles cannot be viewed from a reader's PC. Titles are encrypted in such a way that only the specific customer's Rocket eBook, which the title was purchased for, can decrypt the text.

Q: Does the Rocket eBook handle graphics?
A: Black and white line art, charts and graphs, and newspaper resolution photos are supported.

Q: Does the Rocket eBook have sound and audio capabilities?
A: Yes, it does have voice-quality audio capabilities. The current system allows WAV files to be embedded within the text.

Q: Can I download new Rocket eBook software from the NuvoMedia Web Site?
A: NuvoMedia is committed to Internet-based distribution of not only RocketEditions but also software for the Rocket eBook and RocketLibrarian. Software updates will be available from our Web site.

Q: What format is being used for content?
A: A subset of HTML

Q: What operating system does the Rocket eBook use?
A: NuvoMedia has developed the RocketEngine™ , an operating system (OS) specifically designed for electronic books. Its small size and built-in copyright protection features make it the ideal OS for eBooks.

Q: What are the system requirements for the Rocket eBook?

- IBM-compatible 486 or higher PC
- Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0
- 16MB RAM recommended
- 10MB available hard disk space
- One available 9 pin serial port
- Internet access
- Web browser: such as Netscape® Navigator(version 4.0 or higher) or Internet Explorer (version 4.0 or higher)

NOTE: You must have Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher in order to use all of RocketLibrarian's features.

If you have a Mac:

- Power Macintosh (Power PC 601 or higher)
- Mac OS 8.5 or higher
- 16MB RAM recommended
- 10MB available hard disk space
- One available serial port or USB port
- Internet access
- Web browser: Web browser: such as Netscape® Navigator(version 4.0 or higher) or Internet Explorer (version 4.0 or higher)

Q: Do you plan to support other platforms?
A: We will continue to look at other platforms beyond the standard Windows PCs and Macintoshs for our RocketLibrarian.

Q: How does the Rocket eBook handle page numbers ?
A: The Rocket eBook will calculate pages on each title depending on the font style, size and page orientation chosen. Because these factors make paging relative, the same title on different Rocket eBooks with different settings will have different page numbers.

Q: What is the RocketLibrarian ?
A: The RocketLibrarian is the desktop application for the Rocket eBook that is responsible for communication to and from the Rocket eBook and to and from the online bookstore where RocketEditions are purchased (with a Web Browser as intermediary). The RocketLibrarian provides an interface for managing your library of RocketEditions, along with the ability for you to specify the settings for the Rocket eBook (i.e., time, font, font size, etc.). It also includes the RocketWriter™ , which allows Rocket eBook owners to easily create their own titles in RocketEdition format, download web information and submit their works to Rocket-Library.com.

Q: Can I create books for the Rocket eBook?
A: Yes, using RocketWriter.

Q: Can I save web pages to read on my Rocket eBook?
A: Yes, using RocketWriter.

Q: Is it possible to upload large PDF and text files to the Rocket eBook for later reading?
A: HTML, Word documents, and ASCII text files can be uploaded to the Rocket eBook. We do not support PDF files directly. PDF files would need to be converted to text or HTML data before being imported.

Q: Do you plan to support USB or other such interfaces besides the serial interface?
A: We currently support a serial and an infrared connection between the Rocket eBook and the PC. We will be adding USB support at a later date. Rocket eBook owners can use USB to serial adapters to connect their Rocket eBook to their computers.

Q: Are the Rocket eBook and the RocketLibrarian Y2K compliant?
A: Yes.

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