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About the RocketWriter


The RocketWriter

The RocketWriter™ allows Rocket eBook™ owners to easily create their own titles in RocketEdition™ format. Readers can take their corporate documents, personal documents and web pages with them anywhere they take their Rocket eBook. Users simply save docu-ments as HTML files and “drag” them into the RocketLibrarian™, the software used to download and manage RocketEditions. Within seconds, the document is now ready to be downloaded into the Rocket eBook or shared on the Rocket-Library.com web site. Importing a web page is as simple as copying and pasting a selected URL into the RocketLibrarian. As the web page is being imported, the RocketWriter also imports internal links and images.

By creating the RocketWriter, NuvoMedia has given Rocket eBook owners a new way to take their documents with them wherever they go. The new software feature lets users download and read personal and corporate documents on an electronic reader that provides an optimal reading experience.

RocketWriter Key Features:

  • Easy Downloading of Personal and Corporate Documents Import text or HTML documents into the RocketLibrarian
  • Within seconds, send documents to the Rocket eBook
  • Take your documents with you, read them on the Rocket eBook

Easy Downloading of Internet Documents

  • Import web pages to your RocketLibrarian
  • Simply copy and paste the selected URLs into the RocketLibrarian
  • Send them to your Rocket eBook
  • Internal links and images are preserved.

If you're like many of us, when you're at work you may find yourself carrying around hardcopy printouts. Maybe you've printed some information from a particular application to have it available during a meeting. Or maybe there's some Web information you've printed to read off-line. Or maybe you keep printing out that document you're writing yourself, so you can review it easily and comfortably away from your desk.

Since you're a Rocket eBook™ owner, you appreciate how great it is to have your reading material in one neat little package. Now, imagine how nice it would be if you could use your Rocket eBook to carry your own documents too - all those papers you've been carrying around at work, for example.

What Is RocketWriter?

RocketWriter is the simple-to-use tool that lets you carry your Rocket eBook instead of stacks of papers. Using RocketWriter, you can easily turn the work or personal documents you have on your computer into RocketEditions™. Since you can use your Rocket eBook to add notes or set bookmarks, you can do everything with your electronic copy that you can with your printed copy (except, maybe, turn it into a paper airplane). RocketWriter gives you the same convenience as your printer, but think of the trees you can save!

Because the RocketEditions you create with RocketWriter aren't encrypted, they can be stored and read on any Rocket eBook. This means you can read them yourself or share them with others. If, however, you are interested in selling content, you need to use the RocketPress publishing product. Contact NuvoMedia to find out more about publishing opportunities.

Do I Need to Be a Techie-Wiz?

You'll be amazed at how easy RocketWriter is to use. Occasionally it can be helpful to understand something about HTML, but it's not required.

Trying It Out

Once you get RocketWriter, the best thing to do is try it out. You can create RocketEditions either from your own documents or from information on the Web. We recommend that you give both a try, just so you see how easy it is to do.

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