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Getting Comfortable

The Rocket eBook gives you a number of choices that help you make your reading experience more comfortable. For example, you can set how large the text appears or how the pages are oriented. If the pre-selected choices aren't right for you, you can simply change the settings.

Reorienting the Page View

Your Rocket eBook can be used in any orientation. This means that no matter how you like to hold your Rocket eBook, you can rotate the page on the screen to view the text comfortably.

To reorient the page:

  1. Tap the Page Orientation icon.

    Arrows appear on the screen pointing in all four directions. The arrow pointing to the top of the current page is light with a dark border. The other arrows are dark.

  2. Tap the dark arrow that points to the side you want as the top of the page.

    The page display changes to the orientation you’ve chosen.

When you place the Rocket eBook in the cradle, the text automatically re-orients to landscape mode, so you can read it. When you remove the Rocket eBook from the cradle, the screen returns to your previous setting.

Setting the Menu Shortcut

The Shortcut (Rocket) icon gives you a shortcut for selecting a menu item that you use frequently. It also gives you a way to page through your text without using the page buttons, to avoid the slight clicking sound and enable a completely silent reading mode.

When you first use your Rocket eBook, the Shortcut icon is programmed to change screen print size from small to large or vice versa. A small rocket symbol identifies the function to which the shortcut is currently assigned. You can reassign the Shortcut icon to any of the other items that appear on the Book or Bookshelf menus, or to the silent paging functions.

To assign the Shortcut icon:

  1. Bring up the menu that contains the function you want to assign to the shortcut icon.

    You can choose either the Book icon or the Bookshelf icon.

    NOTE: To enable the "silent reading mode," choose the Book icon.

  2. Tap the Shortcut icon.

    The screen displays the Assigning Shortcut window and tells you to tap a menu item. If you selected the Book icon, the Assigning Shortcut window also includes paging functions.

  3. Tap the function you want the Shortcut icon to perform.

    Choose one of the paging functions if you want to enable the silent reading mode.

    A rocket symbol appears in the menu, next to the function you selected.

  4. Close the menu by tapping either the Book or Bookshelf icon again.

The next time you tap the Shortcut icon, it performs the function you assigned.

Lighting the Screen

The Rocket eBook screen has a backlight for extra illumination. This helps make sure you can read without straining your eyes, no matter what the lighting conditions may be. To toggle the backlight on and off, press and release the power button quickly.

When the Rocket eBook is turned on, the backlight turns on automatically. This is because for most lighting conditions, the screen contrast is best with the backlight on. However, the battery will last about twice as long with the backlight off.

You can adjust the brightness of the backlight whenever you'd like to change it:

  1. Tap the Bookshelf icon.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Backlight.
  4. Select the brightness setting you want.

    The backlight setting is 60% by default. You can select one of the other options to make it dimmer or brighter, as desired. Note that the brighter settings will drain the battery more quickly.

  5. Tap Done.

    The screen backlight changes to the brightness setting you selected. You can still toggle the backlight on and off by pressing and releasing the power button quickly.

The Rocket eBook remembers which backlight setting you chose last and uses that the next time you turn it on.

Choosing Fonts and Font Sizes

Your Rocket eBook is preset with two display fonts, one for large print and one for small print. If you don't like the two defaults, you can change them. Any of the fonts and sizes available on your computer can be used on your Rocket eBook. Once you’ve defined your large and small print display options, you can alternate between the two easily.

To select different fonts and sizes:

  1. Place the Rocket eBook in its cradle and turn it on.
  2. Open the RocketLibrarian software on your computer.
  3. Select Settings from the menu bar.
  4. Click on Rocket eBook.
  5. Select the Font tab.

    Using the Font tab, you can define a large font and a small font. The screen displays a list of available fonts and sizes for you to choose from. You don't have to use the same font style for both sizes.

  6. Click on one or both check boxes to deselect the defaults, then select the fonts and sizes you want.

    Selecting any font other than the defaults uses up some of the internal memory in your Rocket eBook. The larger sized fonts use the most memory. Using the default fonts eliminates the extra memory needed for fonts and leaves the most room for your RocketEditions.

    If you've already selected some different fonts and now you want to restore the defaults, you can choose Use Rocket eBook Default for one or both options.

    NOTE: 28 point is the largest size you can select. If you use 24 point or larger for your large print selection, we suggest that you choose 16 point or less for your small print selection. Following this guideline will ensure good performance.

  7. Click OK.

    The RocketLibrarian sends the font information to the Rocket eBook, and the text is redisplayed using the new font.

To alternate between the different font sizes:

  1. Tap the Bookshelf icon.
  2. Tap Large Print or Small Print, whichever appears.

    The text redisplays in the size you selected.

The Rocket eBook remembers which size print you chose last and uses that the next time you turn it on.


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