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Maintaining Your Rocket eBook


Maintaining the Touch Screen

You can keep your touch screen in optimal working order by calibrating it. You can make sure the screen continues to be easy to read by keeping it clean.

Calibrating the Touch Screen

Calibration ensures that when you tap the screen where there's an icon, menu, or button, it recognizes that you want to perform a command. The Rocket eBook™ screen was calibrated for you at the factory, so it should be ready to use when you receive it. However, if the screen ever doesn't perform exactly like you think it should, you can calibrate it again. It's very quick and easy to do:


1.  Tap the Page Orientation icon.

NOTE: If the screen fails to respond when you tap the Page Orientation icon, turn off your Rocket eBook. Then, holding down either the Page Forward or Page Back button, turn it back on. Keep holding down the page button until the calibration screen appears.

2.  Using the stylus, tap the center of the bulls-eye that appeared in the center of the screen.
3.  Use the stylus to tap the center of the circle that appears in one corner of the screen.
4.  Use the stylus a third time to tap the center of the circle that appears in the opposite corner of the screen.

That's all there is to it. The touch screen is now calibrated again.

Cleaning the Screen

To keep your Rocket eBook screen at its best, clean it occasionally with a soft, lint-free cloth. You can use lens cleaner, but you should avoid using solvents. Make sure that no moisture is allowed to seep under the plastic frame at the edge of the screen.

Checking the Status of Memory and Batteries

To find out how much memory or battery life is still available on your Rocket eBook,


1.  Tap the Bookshelf icon.
2.  Tap About Rocket eBook™.

The screen displays the About Rocket eBook™ window. Notice that a summary of the battery and memory status is given here, along with your RocketID and the serial number of your unit.

3.  Tap the Details button.

A Status window appears and gives a graphical display for both battery life and memory.

Battery: The dark bar on the graphical display shows how much battery life is left. When the battery is fully charged, the bar is completely dark. A fully charged battery will last about 20 hours when using the backlight feature at the default intensity and about 40 hours with the backlight off.

Memory: The dark bar on the graphical display shows how much memory is used. When no memory is left, the bar is completely dark. Numeric values are also shown to give more details about the memory usage. The total memory available is about 4 megabytes.

4.  Tap the Done button on the Status window, and then again on the About Rocket eBook window when you are finished.



Charging the Battery

The Rocket eBook is powered by an internal battery that recharges when you seat the device in its docking cradle. If the battery is fully discharged, it takes about two hours to recharge. Since batteries drain slowly even when not in use, it's a good idea to leave your Rocket eBook recharging in the docking cradle when you're not using it. That way, you'll be sure it's fully charged when you need it.

To recharge the battery,

1.  Make sure the power cord is connected to the docking cradle
2.  Firmly place the Rocket eBook in the cradle.

You do not need to turn off the Rocket eBook when recharging. If it’s on, you can continue reading. Otherwise, a battery status window appears on the screen:

Charging - displayed while battery is charging

Charge complete - displayed if battery is fully charged and AC adapter is still connected

Discharging - displayed if AC adapter is disconnected

NOTE: You can also recharge the battery without using the docking cradle. If you're not sure the internal battery is working, you can check using this alternate charging method.

Freeing Up Rocket eBook Memory

The Rocket eBook can store up to 4,000 pages, or enough for ten average fiction books. Memory is also used by the markups you've made while reading your RocketEditions such as bookmarks, notes, and underlines. In addition, if you select a font that is different from the default settings, memory is used to store that font.

The number of RocketEditions you can store depends on the size of your RocketEditions and on how much marking up you do within each text. If you begin to run out of memory, you can easily remove any RocketEditions you have finished reading.

NOTE: You can also free up memory used by fonts by selecting the default fonts again.

Deleting a RocketEdition's Markups

If you've marked up a RocketEdition by adding notes, underlines, or bookmarks, you can free up some space on your Rocket eBook by deleting them if you decide you no longer need them.

NOTE: If you save your markups before you delete them, you can get them back the next time you send this RocketEdition to your Rocket eBook.

To delete a RocketEdition's markups,

1.  Tap the Book icon.
2.  Tap About This Title.

The screen displays the About This Title window. This window lists title, author and ISBN, along with information regarding how many underlines, notes or bookmarks have been saved for this RocketEdition.

3.  Tap Remove Markups.

A dialog box appears asking you if you are sure you want to delete the markups.

4.  Tap Yes to remove the markups, and No otherwise.

If you choose to delete the markups, the window redisplays with the counts set to zero.

5.  Tap Done to close the window.

Deleting a RocketEdition from the Rocket eBook

CAUTION: If you've marked up your RocketEdition by adding notes, underlines or bookmarks, these will be lost if you delete the RocketEdition from your Rocket eBook without saving your markups first.

To delete a RocketEdition from your Rocket eBook,

1.  Tap the Bookshelf icon.
2.  Tap Bookshelf.

The screen displays a list of all the RocketEditions currently stored on the Rocket eBook.

3.  Tap the name of the RocketEdition you want to delete.
4.  Tap Delete.

The Rocket eBook asks that you confirm that you want to delete the RocketEdition.

5.  Tap Yes if you're sure you want to delete this RocketEdition, and No otherwise.

If you choose to delete it, the screen redisplays the list of RocketEditions without the deleted title.

6.  Tap Done to close the window.

Even if you delete a RocketEdition from the Rocket eBook, itŐs still yours because it is also stored on your computer and again in your Rocket Account. You can always get it back.

Changing Rocket eBook Device Settings

Setting the Time & Date

The time and date are displayed on the Status window when you tap the Bookshelf icon and choose About Rocket eBook. You can set the time and date, and make choices about how they are displayed.


1.  Place the Rocket eBook in its cradle and turn it on.
2.  Open the RocketLibrarian.
3.  Select Settings from the menu bar.
4.  Select Rocket eBook.

You can now set the time and date, or change how the time and date are displayed on your Rocket eBook.

To set the time and date:


1.  Select the Date and Time tab.
2.  Enter the appropriate information into fields to set the time (including time zone) and the date.

If you want to synchronize the Rocket eBook time and date with your computer's system time, click Update Now in the box labeled "Use current system time."

3.  Click OK.

Your Rocket eBook now displays the new time and date.


To set the time and date formats:

1.  Select the Date & Time Format tab.
2.  Make whatever format selections you want.

Sample time and date displays show you how the time and date will appear for each of your selections.

3.  Click OK.

Your Rocket eBook now displays the time and date in the formats you selected.

Setting the Automatic Shutoff Delay

If you don't change pages or use the touch screen for a pre-set ten minute interval, your Rocket eBook will turn itself off. This feature helps you save your battery power. If you want to, though, you can change the amount of time the Rocket eBook waits before shutting down.

To do this:

1.  Place the Rocket eBook in its cradle.
2.  Open the RocketLibrarian.
3.  Select Settings from the main menu.
4.  Select Rocket eBook.
5.  Select the Misc. tab.
6.  Under Auto Timeout, set the number of minutes you want the Rocket eBook to remain inactive before it shuts down.

NOTE: A setting of zero disables this feature.

7.  Click OK.


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