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Explore the Features of the Rocket eBook
The Rocket eBook The Rocket eBook
The Rocket eBook
The Rocket eBook The Rocket eBook
The Rocket eBook

(Actual size is 5" x 7Ѕ" x 1Ѕ)

The Rocket eBook is packed with features that are both powerful and easy to use.

Book icon
Book icon
Underline passages, add notes, find specific text, set bookmarks, and look up words from the built-in Random House Dictionary.
Bookshelf icon
Bookshelf icon
Display the list of books on your Rocket eBook bookshelf. Touch any book to open it. You can also change text size and backlight intensity by touching the Settings.
Shortcut icon
Shortcut icon
Create custom shortcuts on your Rocket eBook. The preprogrammed shortcut changes font size. A rocket image in the menu indicates the programmed shortcut.
Page Orientation icon
Page Orientation icon
Change the page orientation by touching one of the four directional arrows. If your touch-screen is not responding properly, the bulls-eye in the center lets you realign the screen.
Page Forward/Back
Scrolls text to next page or previous page.
The Rocket eBook's touch-sensitive digitized screen is the best available screen for reading text on a portable device. Use your finger to touch the icons and links, or use the stylus, stored in the back of the Rocket eBook spine. The hybrid-technology monochrome display has an exceptionally wide viewing angle, extremely high contrast in all light conditions, a stunning white backlight, and surprisingly low power consumption. The screen is 3-1/2" X 5-1/2" with resolution of approximately 106 dots per inch.
Page Navigation Bar
Skip through your title easily and quickly. Touch the bar and it displays the location of your current page as a percentage of the total length of the title. It also displays the location you want to skip to.

Reading is personal. Everyone has their own preferences, from the type of reading material they choose to how they like to hold their books. Reading on your Rocket eBook™ is no different, because you can adjust it to match your own preferences - like the size of the text, and how the pages are oriented - so you're sure to have a relaxing and enjoyable reading experience.

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